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Reds Future Indigenous Leaders Program

Queensland Reds Future Indigenous Leaders Program Background

The Reds Future Indigenous Leaders Program (FILP) was developed throughout 2012 after the identification of a gap in the support of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander youth outside of our Community Development and Reds Generation Next programs. The program aims to provide mentoring, guidance and leadership development for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander youth in Years 6 to 10.

The program seeks to promote and reward the following key values:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Cultural Integrity and Responsibility
  • Pride
  • School Attendance
  • School Achievement
  • Community Involvement
  • Positive Behaviour

The program was launched in May 2013, in partnership with Rio Tinto to the communities of Cherbourg and Woorabinda, with twenty (20) Year 6 and Year 7 students selected by their schools and communities to be part of the program. The students were selected based on academic potential, leadership potential and/or achievement despite adversity.

Queensland Reds Future Indigenous Leaders Program Today

Following the addition of the Yarrabah community to the program in 2014, today’s program involves 85 students who have benefited from over 30,000 hours of mentoring with Queensland Rugby staff since the program began in 2013. Importantly, over 85% of this contact has been delivered face to face, either in the student’s own community, at their school or as part of the Indigenous Leadership Camps.

The participants of the program are all individually tracked and monitored using CRM software. This allows for the development of an individual profile for each student as they progress through their schooling and their dreams and interests subsequently change with maturity. The student profile also documents the school attendance and school report card results of the participants. This information is vitally important in understanding the role and influence the program has on the student’s development and is reviewed at the end of every 6 months (school semester) to ensure the students are maintaining or improving their results.

Student’s participation in the program includes:

  • 10 face to face visits in their community from their Queensland Reds Indigenous Program Mentors
  • Attendance to and involvement at the St.George Queensland Reds Indigenous Round match
  • Attendance at the two 5-day Leadership Camps each year

These students will continue to be part of the program and maintain the consistency of our support as they transition into High School, when they may be required to move away from community. This support will continue until they reach Year 11 where they will then transition into the Reds Generation Next program.

It is important that the program stays relevant not only to its participants but also to the communities it supports. This feedback from key stakeholders is provided through the following channels:

  • Bi-monthly meetings of the FILP Steering Committee between Rio Tinto and QRU
  • Quarterly meetings of the Community Reference Group in Cherbourg, Yarrabah and Woorabinda including Queensland Rugby, government, private sector and community representation
  • Continued interactions with participant parents and carers.

The program has been and continues to be supported by Rio Tinto since its inception.