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Level 3 Coaching Program

This course is specifically for coaches at elite/advanced levels. As such there is a greater emphasis on advanced technical and tactical aspects, as well as sports science and its impact on the game. It is the aim that all accredited Level 3 coaches are creative as well as being knowledgeable so that the game can benefit from the individual enterprise of both themselves and their players.

The process is as follows:

1. Current Level 2 Coach Accreditation / SmartRugby qualification

2. Complete the Application Form (not yet released for 2014)

3. Complete 13 tasks:

  • Attend seminar - Australian Institute of Sport (3 days)
  • Development a national rugby team program (workbook)
  • Periodised plan
  • Attend seminar - Sydney (3 days)
  • Complete recovery pack questions
  • Complete level 2 law exam
  • Complete 1 training plan and 3 player evaluations
  • Coaching diary
  • Complete 4 coach evaluations (2 on your mentor coach, 2 completed by mentor on you)
  • 30 minute video of a training session for assessment
  • 2 player assessments (international players)
  • Complete a referee evaluation
  • Submit a 1500 word written assignment

Cost: $550                

For further information on the Level 3 program please contact the Australian Rugby Union Coach Education Manager (02) 8005 5592.  

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