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The Queensland Rugby Union has announced the completion of its ‘Cap Project’ to document all players who have represented Queensland in Rugby during the game’s 134-year history in the state.

The QRU Cap Project is the result of seven years of research to determine a full list of capped players and capped matches since the QRU’s first match against New South Wales in 1882.

The research team has identified 1299 capped Queensland players across 976 capped Queensland matches played since 1882. All players have been allocated a special ‘Queensland Cap Number’, in line with when they made their debut.

In the lead-up to Christmas, the QRU is inviting the Queensland Rugby community to scrutinise the research documentation online and to submit any supporting, new or extra information they might have.

Individuals with any supporting, new or extra information should contact QRU Archivist Conor Feehely at before Friday December 23, 2016.


Team Sheets

Cap Project research necessitated the creation of a full Team Sheet (containing player, scoring, venue and outcome information) for each of the QRU’s 976 Capped Matches. These form the empirical basis of the Capped Players list, but are too large to practicably provide in physical form. A file for each decade is provided to assist public inquiry and input. All Team Sheets, from 1882 to the final match of 2016, have been provided for download below.

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