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Missed opportunities the tale of gold medal match

By Sam Phillips -

A "shattered" Australian Women's Sevens brains trust will do some internal soul searching after their heartbreaking defeat to New Zealand in the gold medal match.

The finale to Australia's Commonwealth Games campaign was a thriller but both coach Tim Walsh and caption Shannon Parry were ruing missed opportunities at the death when they spoke to reporters post match.

"They gave it everything and you don't get the result, which you don't always do," Walsh said.

"But very disappointed, yeah.

"We had our chances, that's probably the biggest thing - and so did New Zealand - but they were the last ones to score a try, which got them over the line, "Shannon Parry said.

New Zealand were the form side of the weekend.

"It's a bit of a hard one to swallow, to be honest," Parry said.

"But we gave them too much ball and they were probably the form team of the weekend, to be honest."

The talking point of the match came as the siren sounded at the end of regulation, when Cassie Staples booted the ball into touch rather than having one last roll of the dice.

It was a moment that perplexed all at Robina Stadium but Parry - who was on the bench at the time - said it was a simple case of miscommunication.

"I've spoken to Cassie and a few of the players and they were saying have a crack, have a crack," Parry said.

"It was just a bit of miscommunication but that's no reason for the loss.

"It was 12-all and we were in with a shot."

Dom Du Toit and the Australians will have to move on from the defeat quickly.

Moving forward for the Women's team takes a different shape, as they play their next World Series leg in Kitakyushu next weekend.

They set sail for Japan on Tuesday and will have to bounce back immediately.

"They have to play in Kitakyushu in round three of the World Series and they're on top and undefeated there," Walsh said.

"They're going to have to pick themselves back up and when I say pick themselves back up, they played really well.

"They had a tremendous tournament, highs and lows and they gave it everything, which is all you can ask."

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