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QRU Match No. 139 - Rugby Reignited Following Long Dormancy

Queenslanders are Remembering

QRU Match No. 139 - May 18, 1929

A decade separates QRU Matches 138 and 139, as the Union fell reluctantly into non-existence. Although a full, successful season was played at the conclusion of WWI in 1919, the code faced tremendous pressure from professionalism and economic downturn.

This menu, from a celebratory dinner held at Aaron's Exchange Hotel, Sydney, lists all Red Revivalists, who travelled south to reignite the traditional rivalry and end Queensland Representative Union's slumber. The evening included the following toast to the touring Reds:

"They need no character, but their fame; Nor any flattering title, but their name."

One of the diners, and champions of the revival was the legendary “Prince of Hookers” Queensland Representative Number 383, Eddie Bonis. Born in 1907, Edward Tasman Bonis drove the revival of Rugby in Queensland after WW1 plunged Union into dormancy. He played until 1948, achieving 21 Wallabies caps and a record 47 for Queensland. Eddie's dependable enthusiasm and brawny play saw Queensland Rugby through is darkest days and refuelled the State's love for the game.

Queensland Representative Number 383, Eddie Bonis

Queensland team that faced New South Wales - May 18, 1929

Jersey No. QRU No. Name
1 392 M. Sheehan
2 383 Eddie Bonis
3 389 Jack King
4 388 Harold Hamalainen
5 394 Maxwell White
6 385 W. Burns
7 382 Jack Bayada
8 393 Edward Thompson
9 387 Len Crisp
10 366 Tom Lawton Snr
11 386 J. Cloherty
12 391 Reginald Thomas Miles
13 384 T. Brown
14 400 Gordon McGhie
15 390 P. Marsh


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