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Player Appearance Requests

The St.George Queensland Reds work hard in the Community to provide support and fundraising wherever possible. The St.George Reds receive many charity requests and player appearance requests which the team endeavours to meet within the constraints of the players' travel, training, playing and other commitments.

The keys to making a successful request are primarily:
1) Advance notice (a minimum of one month); and
2) Meeting the request criteria.

All requests for a player appearance must meet the notice period, request criteria and other requirements set out below:

All requests must be made in writing a minimum of one (1) month prior to the event or activity.

The charity, school, event or community group making the request must address at least one of the following categories:
a) Rugby Development: Support rugby at the grassroots level. Queensland Rugby has an objective of re-connecting the Reds with their grassroots support in 2011 - 2012.
b) Youth and Education: Help young people build purposeful lives by providing the right pathway.
c) Health and Wellbeing: Help improve health and wellbeing in the community.

Other requirements
a) The charity, school, event or community group making the request must not be associated with any conflicting sponsors of the St.George Reds or Queensland Rugby.
b) The charity, school, event, community group or company receiving our support must be a not-for-profit organisation.
c) No athletic functions with risk of injury will be considered.
d) Appearance requests should be kept to a maximum of one (1) hour. Any extension of this may be considered but cannot be guaranteed.
e) If you are successful in your request please note that separate permission is required should you wish to include the planned appearance of St.George Reds in advertising/posters etc.
d) Please note that player schedules are often subject to late change. The St.George Queensland Reds and Queensland Rugby will not be held liable for the cancellation of an approved player appearance, and/or the replacement of an approved player with another player.

The request process
Please address all player appearance requests on the organisation letterhead to:

Player Appearance
Queensland Rugby
PO Box 3458
Newmarket 4051

All requests must contain the following information:
• The name of the organisation requesting the appearance
• The proposed role for the player(s) at the event (eg presenting awards, signing autographs).
• Date, time and venue where the player is required (pending approval).

Players are always happy to sign autographs when personally approached at appearances and after training or games. Queensland Rugby is unable to accept, nor take responsibility for, merchandise sent to the St.George Queensland Reds for signing and these items will be sent back to the owner unsigned. 

Charity Support Requests
We receive numerous requests for support including player appearances, signed merchandise and match day tickets from a variety of charitable and community causes. Unfortunately, we are unable to meet every request, but will try to help where we can in accordance with the player appearance policy outlined above and in line with the following policies.

Merchandise Requests
Queensland Rugby does not provide cash donations but is sometimes in a position to provide merchandise. All requests for merchandise must meet the Criteria set out above for player appearance requests. These will be considered on merit and any merchandise supplied as stocks permit. Any merchandise supplied should be use for fund-raising for the charity or group. If a charity, school, event or community group is awarded a merchandise item, it may not receive a further item until at least 24 months later.

Match Tickets
Queensland Rugby is sometimes able to offer Super Rugby home game tickets on a highly selective basis. All requests for tickets must meet the Criteria set out above and there is a limited number of tickets available to each home game.

The request process
1) Download and fill in the Charity Request Form from the link below
2) Attach your Charity Request Form and supporting letter for your charity, merchandise or match ticket requests on organisation letterhead to:

Charity Request
Queensland Rugby
PO Box 3458
Newmarket 4051

All requests must contain the Charity Request Form. Any request with an incomplete or illegible form or requests that do not include the Charity Request Form will automatically be denied.

Once your request is received the following process will take place:

1) On receipt of your request, including the correctly completed Charity Request Form, you will receive a confirmation email from Queensland Rugby.

Please note: If you do not receive a confirmation email your request has not been received or your forms are incomplete. Queensland Rugby does not accept responsibility for contacting organisations who incorrectly complete or do not include the Charity Request Form.

2) Your request will be assessed according to the Criteria on the Charity Request Form, this process may take up to one (1) month. If your request is made during the Reds season this process may take up to two (2) months. We will endeavour to process requests in a timely manner however reserve the right to use the entire time period noted above.

Please note: Even if your request satisfies the Criteria set out, there is no guarantee it will be met due to the overwhelming number of requests received each year. The highest priority will be given to Junior Rugby Development.

3) You will be contacted via written correspondence as to whether your request has been successful. No correspondence will be entered into over Queensland Rugby's decision.
Please note:  a) If you do not receive a response from the St.George Reds or Queensland Rugby, you should assume your request has not met the Criteria and has been denied. Those who are otherwise unsuccessful will be advised accordingly; b) Donated merchandise cannot be used for any other purpose other than that stated on the application letter or re-sold for any individual’s profit;
c) Queensland Rugby’s decision is final.

Download Charity & Player Request Form Here 


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