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Reds Generation Next

The Reds Generation Next Program (formerly Learn Earn Legend!) was first established in partnership with the Australian Government in 2012. The initial program included 40 participants across 10 schools in the Greater Brisbane region. Working with Year 11 and Year 12 participants, the program aims to address the following Close the Gap targets:

  • to halve the gap in reading, writing and numeracy achievements for Indigenous children within a decade
  • to halve the gap for Indigenous students in Year 12 equivalent attainment by 2020
  • to halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within a decade

Reds Generation Next (RGN) works with students through the later stages of high school focusing on improving school attendance and retention rates as well as Year 12 or equivalent attainment. The program also centres on building aspiration and transition opportunities by continuing to mentor and support students in their preferred pathway for their first year post school graduation.

Using our corporate notebook of over 300 businesses, education and training institutes, the program aims to closely align and provide opportunities for the participants to achieve their dreams.

Today’s program has expanded from the initial Brisbane region delivery to encompass 13 schools across Central and South Queensland, aligning with the programming of the wider Queensland Reds Indigenous Program.

This initiative is supported by the Australian and Queensland Government