Super Rugby

Community Development Program

The QRIP Community Development Program uses sport as a vehicle to promote school attendance and achievement, healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The Community Development Program is delivered in Cherbourg, Woorabinda, Yarrabah, Lockhart River, Pormpuraaw and Cairns West Schools.

St.George Rookies2Reds School Attendance Program

The St.George Rookies2Reds School Attendance Program, is delivered through QRU’s network of Participation Officers. Originally an extracurricular pilot program the program is now run in curriculum time after feedback from school staff identified the effectiveness of the program to promote healthy and active lifestyles and the potential to increase student attendance.

Program delivery (linked to National PE Curriculum) during the school timetable offers a clear link and incentive for students to attend school, particularly given the popularity of the program incentive (e.g. Rookies2Reds pack) with students. The program delivered during curriculum time includes coaching and the presentation of a Rookies2Reds pack (backpack, ball, pump, poster, membership lanyard, sticker and cap) to students that achieve the attendance goal and meet behavioural expectations.

School principals and staff have acknowledged the excitement created by the St.George Rookies2Reds School Attendance Program and all schools have confirmed they will again take part in the program in 2016.

Christian Gleave, HPE teacher – Cairns West State School – “The school average for students who attend 90% is 66.09%. The reds program for students who attend 90% is 66.83%. The school average for students who attend 95% is 51.28%. The reds program for students who attend 95% is 58.91% That = 7.63% increase of students in that 90-95% attendance. In other terms we saw most affect in students in that 90-95% range improving their attendance.

On behalf of Cairns West State School I would like to thank the Rookies to Reds Program and Steven Page for administering. During the course of the program Cairns West saw lifts in attendance in particular in students in the 90-95% range. In the weeks that have passed since the program students have warn their reds apparel with pride and are continually asking when the reds will be back. We look forward to seeing the reds again next year”

Community Volunteer Education Courses

QRU provides long lasting support to families, school staff and community members through the provision of free coach and match official courses in the remote communities we deliver to. These course are not only aimed to upskill the attendee but also provide them with the knowledge and accreditation necessary to assist with the delivery of ongoing rugby opportunities outside of QRU staff visits

Breakfast Club

QRU delivers the Yarrabah State School Breakfast Club program to provide a weekly breakfast for the junior students at Yarrabah over a 7-week period in Term 4. The Yarrabah State School Breakfast Club program has, with the support of Coles, delivered improved educational and nutritional outcomes for students at Yarrabah State School since 2012. The program is delivered in Term Four, a time of traditional decline in attendance, and has seen an increase in attendance from an average of 50 attendees per breakfast club in 2012 to over a 100 attendees per breakfast club in 2015.